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Our latest brand makeover

There’s always room for improvement

Whoever said you can’t improve upon perfection told a fib. There are always new ways to improve something and make it that little bit better. That’s why we love making new cider flavours. In 2020 we decided it was time to up our game in the branding department. We used to love the look of our labels but eventually, something’s gotta give. 

Labels for a cider maker are like clothes. Eventually, you get sick of wearing the same colours and styles. When fashions change it’s time to change with them. We felt the same way with our branding. So we started brainstorming. 

We started collaborating with some talented wordsmiths and designers to come up with a new look and feel for our brand. The first priority was updating our logo. 

Updating the logo

We had a lot of fun brainstorming and sketching up ideas for logos. But all scribbles aside we had a clear idea of what we wanted. The logo had to be simple yet striking. At the same time, we wanted the logo design to incorporate some unique aspects of our brand. 

After experimenting with letterforms we came up with a font and logo combination that represented the shapes of the hills, trees and our cider house.

Our new label design

Creating a new label for our bottles and cans gave us more opportunities to incorporate elements of our brand identity. Simple yet fun. We added illustrations of ingredients that represent our cider making process. The big triangular shapes in the label’s background allude to the shape of the valleys we see from our cider house in the Macedon Ranges.

Getting our story straight

Every hero needs a good origin story. Right? We’re proud of our roots and not afraid to share our passion for creating new ciders. After nearly six years of getting crafty with cider, we learned a few things about storytelling too. 

After sharing our cider at countless farmers markets and events we noticed that what truly gets people interested in our cider is what makes it unique. What makes our cider stand out amongst other producers. Once people understand the process behind making cider they can understand what makes our cider so different. 

Our passion for experimenting and developing new styles is what really gets people’s attention. Taking bold risks with real flavour ingredients has led to the creation of some of our most unique cider experiences. 

Our story starts with Marc Serafino, a former head chef turned apple cider enthusiast. We delve into his own personal passion for experimenting with new flavours. Once people understand the motive behind the madness that’s when things get interesting. 

Our passion for creating premium cider comes through with the story of how we established our cider house and orchard. When people see how far we’ve come in such a short time, they have a newfound understanding of what goes into making every drop of DV cider. Want to learn more about our story? Head on over to the Our Story page and see what inspires us to be your local cider hero. 

A new way to drink our cider

Today there’s nothing wrong with taking a casual approach to cider drinking. Aussie love to enjoy cider out of a can. And who are we to argue? Traditionally our cider was always packaged in a bottle. We recently decided to start packaging our ciders in cans and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. 

Can labels give us more of a canvas to visually represent our brand. Quite frankly, we’re in love with the look of our colourful labels on cans. We also took great pleasure in working puns into our new cider names (high-fives to the creative team). The new labels reflect the same carefree and creative vibes that inspire our craft ciders. We also think the new bottle labels aren’t too shabby either. Visit our online shop if you want to check out all our latest label designs.

Final thoughts

We’re Fully St’oaked about our latest rebrand. We feel our branding is more relevant and honest. It reflects our current vibes and passion for cider making. To stay up to date with our latest products and news you can always subscribe to our newsletter. When our new cider batch is about to get released, you’ll be one of the first to know. 

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