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Rustic weddings are all the craze… and here’s why!

A popular choice amongst many Victorian couples, Rustic Weddings are ideal for those looking to switch up the traditional formalities for something a little more casual and fun. So why is everyone racing to the beautiful countryside and seeking out stunning outdoor venues as the perfect location for the dream rustic wedding? 

Rustic wedding themes can take on many forms, allowing the couple to completely theme a space how they like and the overall vibe stays centred around creating a laidback, welcoming atmosphere for your guests. 


What is a rustic wedding?

The concept of a rustic wedding is rooted in the essence of the word "rustic," which evokes simplicity and a connection to the countryside. Picture a gorgeous mountainside or rolling green hills out in the country, anywhere out in nature, really. Although this style of wedding has been growing more popular over the last few years, it truly is a timeless wedding theme that has been around for ages! Rustic weddings are usually held in the countryside or regional venues in the heart of nature, with farm like qualities. Places such as old barns, lodges, cider houses and wineries form some of the many locations. 


Couple at DV Cider standing in front of the cider orchards

Tips to designing the perfect rustic wedding:

1. Choose a great wedding venue

When it comes to finding the perfect venue to suit the vibe of your rustic wedding, you should do your research in the regional areas or countryside. Things to look out for in these venues are ample hosting space, effortless country charm and a rustic barn-like feel. Rustic weddings often have an outdoor element, so looking for somewhere that has the option to host a ceremony out in nature would be ideal for hosting a laidback occasion. 



2. Incorporate nature

A great thing about hosting a rustic wedding, is that you can truly adapt the theme to suit your own preferences, style or budget. Whether you include some handmade DIY decorations or hire a stylist to help bring your vision to life, we suggest adding some elements of nature to elevate your theme. Fom lush greenery, to dried florals, barrels, wooden plaques or hay bales, adding these will help to create that rustic casual charm. 


Rustic wedding setup in the marquee at DV Cider


3. Create a menu with comforting homemade dishes

If you’re planning a rustic wedding, then you’ll want to design a menu with delicious homemade style food. This works well served as a banquet-style, grazing table or with food trucks that can provide roaming options for your guests. Ditch the formal sit down meals and enjoy conversation over a more casual style meal with homemade dishes. 


Grazing table set up with meat, cheese, fresh items and local delicacies

4. Hire live musicians to bring the vibes

Once you've secured your dream wedding location and decorated it with rustic charm, adding live music is the final touch to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for your special day. Imagine your loved ones sipping cocktails, surrounded by the breathtaking countryside scenery and serenaded by skilled musicians playing soothing acoustic melodies. The result? A truly enchanting and unforgettable celebration.


Live musician performing in the DV Cider marquee


5. Choose a relaxed dress code

Rustic weddings have a laid-back and easygoing vibe, so it's important to choose attire that fits the overall theme. Inform your guests about the relaxed dress code, and you can even provide a lookbook full of natural fabrics and warm, neutral tones for inspiration. For the bride and groom, consider romantic lace gowns, boho floral arrangements, messy up-dos, and linen or tweed suits. You can also accessorise with statement hats, cowboy boots, and rustic bouquets to enhance the country-style atmosphere.


A couple at a rustic wedding, being cheeky and playful. The bride is wearing gum boots with her dress.

Want to find out more about how you can host a rustic wedding in the heart of the Macedon Ranges with the rolling hills and picturesque scenery as your backdrop? Get in touch with our events team and start planning your dream wedding today. 

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